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Ice Cubes - The Penguin's Musings

Keeping It Cool

The Penguin
23 August 1978
Some call me Peter, some call me Pete (but please don't), and some call me The Penguin. It's a long story that involves a lot of explaining some inside jokes, but there's a story behind the name.

I'm not going to put my age in here because that means I'll have to change it every year and let's face it, if you can't figure out my age from the birthdate listed above, then you need a calculator and a chance to repeat the 1st grade all over again.

But I am a normal guy living in Michigan, currently working as a clinical pharmacist in Ann Arbor, MI. Transplanted from Texas back in June 2008.

My friends are near and dear to my heart, and I can only hope that these tidbits of my life that I share with the world give you a glimpse into the depths of my soul. On here I will bare it all, my heart, my woes, my troubles, my anguish, my joy, my elation, and just about any other emotion you care to think.

I'm very eclectic and have a wide variety of interests. If it interests you, there's a good chance it interests me as well. Just so long as you don't delve into politics. No. I said, "No!"

So take a gander into the freezer, you just might get to know someone different. Penguins are fun.

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