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Pot roast has to be some of the best comfort food out there.

I see this commercial every year now and every year, I love it.

Merry Christmas to all. May your holidays be merry and bright!



Happy birthday nightfallcub!!! I hope your day goes swimmingly!! Or rather, it went swimmingly. :)


P.S. I am finally home. It's good to be away from all those flashing lights and ringing bells and whistles. Too bad I have to be at work in 5 hours. *grumble*

Yay! Birthday!

Happy birthday thomasm!! I hope JOhn makes it a good one! ;) *HUGS*

Yay! Birfday!!

Happy birthday bearpawly!!! I hope your day is just as fantastic as you are! *HUG*


Guitar Hero Th-Wii

2007-10-28 004
Originally uploaded by texaspenguin.
Yes. This is my third Guitar Hero controller. Yes, I now own 5 different renditions of Guitar Hero.

PS2 - Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80s
Xbox 360 - Guitar Hero II
Wii - Guitar Hero III

I am such a dork.



Happy birthday baeritone!! May your day of birth be full of merriment and mirth!! *HUG*



Happy birthday roundnfurry!! I hope your day is just fantastic! *HUG*



Happy birthday shadowbearmn!!! I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day!! *HUG*


Unfortunate drug names

Naming your drug "Ferrlecit" may not be the most effective.

I read it as "Ferreclit" which then translated into "Furry Clit" in my oh-so-dirty mind.